Pet CPR and First Aid

Actual 911 Call:

"911. What is your emergency?"

"My dog was just got hit by a car!"

"Is any person injured?"

"No. My dog got hit by the car!"

"Is the dog blocking traffic?"

"No. He's on our lawn. He's really hurt. What do I do?"

"I'm very sorry. Please contact your Veterinarian and transport your animal to the nearest emergency Vet facility."

Truth is, there's no 911 for pets. Knowing what to do in an emergency is critical to your pet's chances of surviving a serious accident. Whether you're a concerned pet-parent or a pet care professional, will you know what to do if a pet:

  • Chokes on that new rawhide you just gave him?
  • Was stung multiple times by wasps?
  • Is hit by a car and has broken her leg?
  • Has a sudden and violent seizure?
  • Collapses during your morning run?
  • Stops breathing and you can't find a heartbeat?
  • Has a fight at the dog park and is bleeding from an open wound?

We are part of the PetTech™ family. PetTech is the first international training center dedicated to CPR First Aid and Care for dogs and cats. Owner, David Grooms is a nationally-acredited PetTech Instructor who has trained hundreds of caring pet-parents and pet care professionals since 2013. David teaches a 6-hour course each month in our state-of-the-art classroom right here at OBKC. Whether you are a concerned pet-parent or a pet care professional, you'll want to take this fun and informative course.

Upon successful completion of the coursework, each student receives a Pet First Aid & CPR Certificate good for two-years from the date of the course. Each student also receives a handbook and reference guide. 

What our graduates are saying:

"I work at a dog daycare, and we have two dogs of our own so we believed we really needed to know this information. The class was very hands-on and exciting." 

"I'm a Groomer. My customers really appreciate that our Staff are trained for any emergency. Definitely attractive to new customers. We display our Certificates in our lobby."

"We're starting a pet boarding facility and felt we needed to be trained. Great class and really hands-on. Dave's a fun teacher."

"Dave came to our facility and trained all our employees. He brought everything he needed to train 16 people! We'll keep using him as we grow."

"Thanks, Dave for your help and advice. I'm much more confident with my dog and his seizures."

​​Here's just some of what you'll learn;

Restraining & Muzzling | Snout-to-Tail Assessment for Emergency & Wellness | Rescue Breathing | CPR for Dogs & Cats | Determining & Assessing Vitals | How to Rescue a Choking Pet | Bleeding Control & Shock Management | Recognizing Poisoning  & Seizure | 10 Items You Must Have in Your Home First Aid Kit | The ABCs of Emergency Pet Care | 10 Situations hat Require Immediate Veterinarian Care

Illinois Pet CPR & First Aid
Illinois Pet CPR & First Aid

Ready to save a pet's life?

Our classes are intentionally kept small to ensure every student gets personal attention and a ton of hands-on experience with our practice animals. Classes are offered monthly at OBKC. Check our Calendar for dates of our upcoming classes. Then visit our sister site Illinois Pet CPR & First Aid to register.

Call us anytime with your questions at (630) 701-7677.

Includes a Handbook, Certificate and Pocket Card. Certification is for two years from course date. 

For Pet Care Professionals

The PetTech PetSaver™ curriculum is recognized by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAAPS), the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)Pet Sitters International (PSI) and many other pet care professional organizations. You will receive continuing credit units upon successful completion of this course. 

Set your business apart from your competitors and put your customer's minds at ease knowing that you and your Staff can handle any emergency. Pet parents are extremely discerning. They will chose your business over another if you and your Staff have taken this course. 

We love to go on the road, too! We're happy to come to you and conduct the training at your business location. Train your entire Staff in a single day! Contact us for more information on group training and special group rates.